Architecture Exchange Student

Rapha Pinheiro

About Rapha


Available for Commission

Student Year:

4th Year

 Past Exhibitions:

Twisted Tales Part 2 (2015), Twisted Tales (2015)


Rapha is a 22 year old Brazilian Architecture student that has followed his dreams working with comic books. Currently writing “The Tomes of Tessa“, Rapha aspires to become a full time Author Illustrator for both the Brazilian and British market.

Rapha uses his computer media skills to create fantasy architecture and concept art for his projects. Driven by the environment and music, he wishes to create a soundtrack to accompany his artwork. Taking his inspiration from concept artists John Avon and Rob Alexander, and comic book artists Steve McNiven and Bryan Hitch, Rapha hopes to create fully immersive artwork to interact with the readers emotions.

Snow White Walker
by Rapha Pinheiro

Twisted Tales

Limited Edition Giclee Print - 25 Editions

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